The Basic Structure Of Design


Our houses should represent our own individual tastes and habits. Home, being where the heart is. A home should be designed to reflect your personality, style and need for comfort, it’s a place of ease, by design rooms that make living easier.



  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Study Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Dinning Rooms
  • Play/Game Rooms
  • Kids Rooms
  • Home Theatres
  • Gyms
  • Home Studios
  • Wine Cellars
  • Formal Ball Rooms
  • Bar Rooms
  • Sauna
  • Libraries
  • Closets and
  • Specialized rooms

There are various ways in which you can decorate your room, and have finishings constructed to suit your personal style, colour can be mixed and matched, themes crossed to give your home the kind of appeal that reflects your personal taste. We've put together ideas of how the different rooms in your home can be designed, so they look elegant, sophisticated, refined, beautiful, unique and eclectic. This ensures that when guest step into your home every corner of the room captivates and entraps their gaze, giving the feeling of wanting and wishing to stay in that space.

Home Office

Having a room in your home where you can work, can work, exercise creative thinking, read, or whatever else you like to do. It can also serve as a study room or a temporary place where you can meet your clients out of the office

Dining Room

A dinning room should be a staple for every house, its that one room in the house where family members and friends can gather to meet and connect with each other over good food and perhaps a bit of wine. This room should ooze decadence and elegance. Its one of those rooms that need have to leave your guests wowed after they have dined in it. Every part of the room should captivate and intrigue. Its a room where you entertain, and get to show of your culinary skills to your world, even if the chef is hired!


Because the bedroom is a place of relaxation and errrm, other activities that have led to the expansion of mankind, make the bedroom as comfortable as possible and appealing to the eye. After all its the one room you'll spend most of your time in. A sofa/couch and of course a bed are a staple. A well designed study desk and chair can be added.

We use the kitchen at least three times a day, so it needs to be as functional as possible, with easy to access drawers, surfaces that are easy to clean and storage cabinets that make access to groceries and kitchen equipment easy. Above all you kitchen should exude beauty, which makes cooking enjoyable.


A bathroom can seem like just a place to get rid of the days dirt and sweat at first glance, but it can be more than a place to bath. It can a place of relaxation, so having a bath tub you can lay back your head in and catch your breath is essential. Adding a chair in it gives you a place you can sit on while doing your hair or makeup. Bathrooms should  have a clean finish look and uncluttered if they are to bring relaxation through long baths

Living Room

The living room sets the tone for the rest of the home, it serves as the reception area for your home. Its where you meet and entertain guest and where you go to relax and enjoy a bit of teli (tv) or catch up on a book you been wanting to read. Choose furniture that will enhance your comfort without compromising o style. Adding a feature wall brings life to the room.


A walk in closet is an essential accessory to have for a bedroom. A closet is about more than a room where you house your clothes. Its a room where you get to indulge in your shoe and designer frocks fetish. As a woman its a place where you get ready to show off your impeccable taste to the world. Having an easy to navigate closet makes getting ready easier and quicker. Functionality in a closet is key, which means every shoe is visible and jewellery is placed for easy access.

Home Theatre

What better way to bring the cinema home than to have a home theatre. Movies are always bigger and better when watched on the big screen with panoramic surround sound. Its just better that way

The Passage

Adding a seating area and detailed finishes to the walls and the wall edges gives passages character and personality. Try adding a slide alongside the stairway for fun.

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